Listener Comments

These songs continually help me “reprogram” my mind throughout the day.  

* Am I depressed? “Shout with Joy” encourages me to shift my focus on the TRUE SOURCE of lasting JOY!  

* Am I worried?  “Don’t Worry” immediately challenges me to throw my cares on the shoulders of my loving heavenly Father, who knows the answers even when I don’t.  

* Am I feeling worthless?  “Don’t You Know” reminds me that my body is the temple of God….and that He lives IN ME!!!  I have value as the daughter of the King!  

* Am I gripped with the fear of “what ifs?” in my life? “Fear Not” has soothed my mind many times in the middle of the night.  I wake up and sing it out loud to chase away fear!  I LOVE these songs!  They have helped me many times. 

MR – childcare provider

Fear Not” has been a balm to my soul in troubled times.  Thank you for the encouragement these Scripture Songs have been.  God’s Word is our Rock in a weary land and the tunes make it come alive in refreshing ways.  

TA – missionary

I have lost track how many times I have listened to your CD so far.   I love falling asleep in bed to it and listening to it in the car on my way to work.  What a wonderful way to put pure gold in your mind and heart.  

CC-  librarian

I have to tell you have your music is “living and active” on my iPod and blessing me at the gym. It makes my treadmill time fly by! 


This CD is really well done.  The sound engineering is really good.  You can hear everything really well and the music doesn't overpower the words.  The vocals are really strong too.  It’s always hard to take scripture and put it to song without it sounding forced.  I think Janice did a great job.   I'm glad she didn't feel she had to fit the literal verses into the music but adapted it to music that works.  I think you get the best of the scripture and music by doing this. It’s even got a catchy beat on the faster songs!  I think this will really help me and my family learn these verses.”  

T, father in WI

These songs fill me with joy.  “Filled with Joy” reminds me that only God can fill the “joy hole” in me.  These songs lift my mind from my circumstances to the God of my circumstances, releasing me from the pit of worry, depair, frustration, etc.  I have bought some to share with my friends.  

AB – mother


The past three years, I have been blessed to sit and learn from Jan.  A weekly meeting would not be complete without singing one of  her Scripture songs... catchy tunes with true, joy-filled lyrics straight out of Scripture. 

My husband and I have found singing these songs a  perfect way to memorize Scripture and actually apply it to everyday life.

Store up these songs in your heart and I promise they will keep coming back to you!

M-- physician wife

I used “God is Love” at my wedding!  I sing these powerful words from I Cor. 13:4-8 all the time.  They have helped me understand what true love means.  I listen to these songs when I’m driving, cleaning, watching my children….they have helped me live out how God wants me to live. 

One of these songs is always going through my mind. I can’t wait until Volume 2 comes out! 

KB --  mother and wife


I love the variety of styles, energy levels and moods based on the texts. 

These songs have encouraged and blessed me on multiple levels in my life.   

RL – businessman





Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying this CD. 

I listen to it when I am in the car and it always sets the mood for my day of teaching or for whatever else I am doing. A heart of worship! Love it! 



I have your CD in my car and listen to it while driving to and from work. 

It totally sets my mind in the right place both coming and going from my busy day.  These songs roll around in my mind throughout the day and encourage me.  

JL – teacher


I first heard Janice’s Scripture Songs at Maranatha Conference Grounds in Muskegon where I was attending a regional CMDA fall retreat.  Now, these are not just any songs, but original scores full of scriptures.  Her training in music was the foundation for the musical scores, and her faith in Christ was the inspiration for the lyrics.  The words are taken straight out of the Bible, set to beautiful, singable melodies. I travel a lot; now I fill my mind with not just any music, but music with meaningful words from Scripture, that will last for eternity. 

Dr. JC --maxofacial surgeon


Jan's passion for God's Word and living from a Biblical mindset is truly contagious. Her songs have been an example to me of how we can all be using our unique gifts and talents to advance the kingdom of God and encourage others along the way. 

K -- medical resident wife

My 4 year old daughter sang “Can Do” at the top of her lungs in the freezer aisle at the grocery store the other day, blessing everyone within listening range!  These songs have not only helped me directly, they help me again when I hear my children singing them.

CA – mother

Thank you for allowing God to use you to put his Words into song so I can sing them.  I have a lot going on in my life right now where fear could dominate my mind instead of peace. 

I sing aloud, “Don’t Worry,” and “Fear Not” when I feel both worry and fear creeping in.  “Can Do” has helped me remember it is not MY feeble strength, but God’s limitless strength that enables me to move forward with confidence in troubled times.    

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